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re_enact_youth's Journal

A place for Young Re-enactors to Connect
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A place for young Re-enactors to connect share
Good Day!
My name is Nic, I am eight-and-twenty live in Adelaide, colony of South Australia. I am an archaeologist by profession but also do some writing of articles, etc. My main living-history group is called the Noarlunga Volunteer Rifles. We portray citizen volunteer soldiers from the South Australian Volunteer Military Force between 1859-1866. I am also into Napoleonic living-history and have uniforms for Prussian Militia (1813-15) and French conscript (1814). I am in the process of having a uniform made for an infantryman of the the Brunswick army, Guards Battallion. It's all black with a skull and crossbones badge on the shako! Cool!

Unfortunatly, most re-enactors I know of are much older people, the average age being 40s-60s. I wish there were more young people into it though. I started the re_enact_youth livejournal community to make a place where younger people with an interest in period costumes and re-enactment/living-history can meet to share their interests, projects and ask questions of other like minded people and network. We young re-enactors are the future of this awesome hobby and need to stick together and support each other. This community is brand new so we need you to make it happen by posting and getting new people to join.

Keep your powder dry,