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Intro Post [Sep. 17th, 2008|06:53 pm]
A place for Young Re-enactors to Connect


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Excellent idea for a community, and it's great to see members joining it. :-)

Hi! I'm Sara, age 26, in the UK, and I've been re-enacting for 14 years: much to the faint bemusement and chagrin of my mother (who would far rather I acquired myself a nice Empire-line dress and spent my weekends demurely sipping tea than rolling round in muddy saltpetre, but is at least somewhat mollified by the fact that it's resulted in my sewing skills improving), and to the rather heartening enthusiasm of my father (who was responsible for introducing me to Biggles and Flashman, et al). .

I started at 12 when a schoolfriend asked me along to an event at a small English Civil War group, and, always having been a running-jumping-climbing-trees type of girl, instantly decided that a hobby where you got all that plus explosions and swordplay had to be good. Did ECW and a bit of Viking for years, then got press-ganged into Napoleonics as well by a mate. I'm now a musketeer in Essex's regt., Parliamentarian Army on the ECW side, and a French fusilier in the 45eme.

And it's been absolutely terrific. You meet very interesting people indeed, who can harbour a wealth of information and detailed scholarship on all aspects of history, and for me it's opened up an enthusiastic amateur interest in the academia of these and various other periods' history, both military and social, too.

This is me at my first Napoleonic event (actually having quite a good time, though you can't tell from the pic), and with my beloved Charleville (for the sake of completeness, as it's a borrowed Bess in the first photo; and also because I am very proud of my Charley). Her name is Cloporte (there is a logic behind it).


Well, that's me then. I look forward to meeting everyone else. :-)

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[User Picture]From: sospan_fach
2008-09-19 11:11 am (UTC)
I've done a couple of events with the 21eme, yep. Had no idea they had an Aussie section - I'll have to mention your name when next I see them!

I'm actually completely with you on the Prussian sympathising (even if this initially stemmed from Sergo Zakariadze's tremendous Blucher in Waterloo ;-) ). Must look further into Blucher: what I've found of the man is absolutely fascinating, to say nothing of endearingly bizarre.

And, yes, the uniforms are also rather splendid. Can't wait to see the pics of your Brunswick shako! Are you making it from scratch? I am most impressed. :-)

But on being Frenchie, I have a penchant for playing the baddie. ;-) Plus, a lot of the Brit units here don't allow women to cross-dress and fight (which is a tad ironic considering I get called 'sir' in real life more often than not). I'd always wanted to have a crack at French after years of reading Sharpe, and when I mentioned it to said mate, she instantly dragooned me into her unit (who are a cracking lot).

That is my "it's appalling weather, we're horrendously outnumbered, and I'm only used to matchlocks and don't want to break the Bess. To add insult to injury, it's the anniversary of Bastille Day, and I should be looking happy" expression. ;-) (Was a great do, though.)
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